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Big data and automation create new inequalities and injustices and has a potential to create a jobless growth. Our Economy Observatory is a fully automated, open source, open data observatory that produces new indicators from open data sources and experimental big data sources, with authoritative copies and a modern API.

Our observatory is monitoring the European economy to protect the consumers and the small companies from unfair competition both from data and knowledge monopolization and robotization. We take a critical SME-, intellectual property policy and competition policy point of view automation, robotization, and the AI revolution on the service-oriented European social market economy.

We would like to create early-warning, risk, economic effect, and impact indicators that can be used in scientific, business and policy contexts for professionals who are working on re-setting the European economy after a devastating pandemic and in the age of AI. We would like to map data between economic activities (NACE), antitrust markets, and sub-national, regional, metropolitian area data.

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Our automated observatory participates in the EU Datathon 2021 challenge #2. We believe that introducing Open Policy Analysis standards with open data, open-source software and research automation can help the economy that works for people, particularly the challenge we are focusing on the Single market strategy. Our collaboration is open for individuals, citizens scientists, research institutes, NGOS, companies.

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Our Product/Market Fit was validated in the world’s 2nd ranked university-backed incubator program, the Yes!Delft AI Validation Lab.